7 Strategies to Keep a Relationship Healthy

There comes a time when we meet the person who completes us. We connect with them on a different level and want to spend our lives with them. Our relationship with them is intimate and they are truly our significant others.

However, if you’re not careful, your relationship can start to develop cracks. To keep your relationship healthy, you must employ these seven strategies.

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1. Trust each other

Trust is the building block of any relationship, especially the intimate ones. Lack of trust goes hand in hand with insecurity and jealousy. You should always trust your partner’s intentions and actions for a healthy relationship.

You also need trust to share things with your companion. Respecting each other’s privacy and keeping their secrets is crucial for trust-building.

2. Share everything you can

Another key for an effective relationship is frequent open communication. Communication serves great to remove any barriers between you and your partner. The more you share, the stronger your bond will be. It’ll also give you more to talk about.

Don’t be shy to share whatever you’re thinking with your significant other. It eases your worries, solves your problems, and lightens your sorrows.

3. Respect your differences

Just because you’re different from your partner doesn’t mean you can’t make your relationship work. Think of it this way, if you have different interests and hobbies, you both will have more things to do together.

There is no need for one partner to change completely to please the other. Respect each other’s harmless habits and don’t force change.

4. Be open and honest

You must realize that your partner is the person closest to you. You can’t keep secrets from them. Even if you do, your partner will eventually realize that you’re hiding something. This can lead to wild assumptions and doubts. If left unattended, they will grow with time, driving a wedge between you two.

5. Don’t rely on big romantic gestures

Couples who are content with their lives don’t rely on dramatic and flashy romantic gestures. While these gestures are fun to watch, they’re not sustainable. Most people can’t buy expensive presents or travel to exotic places regularly.

Small everyday romantic gestures work wonders in nurturing your relationship. An inexpensive but well thought out gift given with love can mean a lot to your beloved.

6. Be the first to resolve conflicts

Don’t fear conflicts or disagreements — every couple goes through them. They’re an unavoidable part of every relationship. What matters is your approach towards their resolution.

Always be the first to settle disputes. Your ego may try to stop you, but you must put your relationship above everything else. Be calm and listen patiently. Understand their point of view before explaining yours.

7. Focus on quality vs quantity of time

While it’s important to spend time together, it’s not practical to stick together all the time. Make sure that whatever time you spend together is quality time. Focus on your partner and enjoy their company. In those moments, make sure to put your phone and other distractions away.

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